Riding Centers

The USPC Riding Center Program is modeled after the British Pony Club Center Program, which has had phenomenal success. Currently, USPC is conducting a five-year pilot period to allow analysis of the potential value of the riding center program.

The purpose of the Riding Center Program is to make available Pony Club membership to youth who would not traditionally been able to participate in Pony Club due to not owning or having consistent access to a mount. Many of our Clubs have addressed this issue on a local basis. The Riding Center Program will address it on a national basis.

The Riding Center Program is designed to work with facilities that currently have a riding lesson program in place. The facility must be able to offer the core disciplines of Pony Club and be able to handle the administrative work involved in running a Pony Club Riding Center. The full Pony Club program and all Pony Club opportunities will be offered to those members participating through a Riding Center.

Those facilities interested in becoming a recognized Riding Center in the Sunshine Region may contact the Area Seven Riding Center Coordinator:

Katy J. Rosen
(941) 928-3203