SRPC Policies




Adopted: April, 2014




These policies are established to provide guidance for the administration of the activities of the Sunshine Region. The policies shall in no way lessen the authority granted the Regional Supervisor under the By-Laws of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc., and By-Laws of Regions of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc.




In accordance with the Bylaws of Regions of the United States Pony Clubs Inc., the Sunshine Region will have Administrative Officers: RS, By-Laws 8.3,

VRS Activities

Treasurer, By-Laws 2.2

Secretary, By-Laws 2.2

Region Instruction Coordinator Policy No: 3015 and Attachment A to Policy 3015(National)

HMO and HMO Assistant, Policy No: 3016 and 3016.A (National).




The RS may appoint the following (Committee chairs) for a 1-year term.

Regional Center Coordinator (RCC)

Junior Board Advisor (JBA)

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee

Championships Coordinator

Webpage/Facebook Coordinator

Vanguard Custodian(s).




2.3 Term of Office Administrative and Regional Officers shall serve a one-year term that shall extend from January 1 to December 31st and may serve additional consecutive terms subject to regional policy.  There is no limit to consecutive terms of any Regional Officer.




Officers of the Region (RS, VRSs, Treasurer, Secretary, RIC and HMO) are members of the Regional Board. The Regional Board also includes committee chairpersons appointed by the Regional Supervisor, as needed.

The Regional Board shall make recommendations on issues to the Regional Supervisor and assist in generating plans prior to Regional Council meetings, in addition to performing their identified duties.


The Regional Board will meet at least quarterly, in person or via conference call, to transact routine business and oversee the planning of Regional activities. Dates will be set by the Regional Board and will be published on the Regional Onelist and Website. Interested persons are welcome to attend Regional Board meetings, and they must notify the Regional Secretary at least one week in advance. Meeting places may vary.




The Regional Council is comprised of the DCs of each club; the CA of each Riding Center; and the Officers of the Region, so long as the majority of the council consists of DCs.


The DC, Jt.-DC or designated Club representative (authorized in writing by the District Commissioner) of each member Club; the CA of each Center or designated representative (authorized in writing by the Center Administrator); and Regional Officers are each entitled to one vote. However, if a Regional Officer is also a DC, Jt-DC or CA, they will authorize in writing a designated Club/Center representative to vote on behalf of the Club/Center and they will cast a separate vote as an officer.


**Note:  No individual shall be allowed to cast more than one vote, even if they hold multiple positions.




The Region will host at least two Regional Council meetings per year. One will be held after the National Annual Meeting and one will be its Annual Regional Council Meeting each year in the Fall. Regional Officers, DCs, Jt-DCs and CAs are required to attend these meetings. (Regions determine the number of meetings individually. With the exception of the “Annual Meeting”, which is required per Article 4 section 4.3 of the Bylaws for Regions.)




A Nominating Committee will be formed per the Bylaws of the Regions of the United States Pony Clubs Inc. Whenever possible the committee will represent the Region geographically and include one individual with historical perspective of the Region and Pony Club




A Club/Center in the Region will be considered active if:


  1. The club submits Regional dues, minutes of the annual meeting, treasurer’s report, lists of Pony Club members, officers and sponsors, summary of activities for the past year and a tentative calendar of events for the coming year, and any other requested information, to the RS by the Annual Fall Regional Council Meeting.
  2. The Center submits a copy of the Center Contact List, Summary of Center payment, list of members with correct certification levels, payment for Regional dues, and any other requested information, to the RS by the Annual Fall Regional Council Meeting.
  3. Respond in a timely fashion to all requests for information by the Region.
  4. Send the DC or Jt-DC, CA or ACA to Regional Council meetings.
  5. Host, co-host or assist, as appropriate, with a Regional activity at least once a year.
  6. Send Pony Club members to Regional activities, as appropriate.




The annual membership fee for the Region, for the current year, will be voted on at the Annual Regional Council Meeting in the immediate preceding year.


Regional Membership Fees will be collected for all Club, Center and Horsemaster members belonging to region. Annual regional dues are $25.00 per member. New members joining as pro-rated members will pay $35.00 for the remainder of the year joining and the coming year.


The allocation of membership fees shall be noted in the proposed budget that is presented to the Regional Council for approval at the Annual Regional Council Meeting.


FINANCIAL/ FUNDS (Allocation of Funds for Specific Purposes)


General Fund


  1. Income to this fund is generated from, but not limited to, the

Following sources:

  1. A portion of Regional Membership Fees as determined annually.
  2. Rally Participation Fees paid by the rally organizer as determined annually.  The rally organizer should budget this fee into the entry fees for the rally they are hosting.
  3. HB and above testing fees, as determined annually.
  4. Educational and prep clinic fees.
  5. Regional fundraisers unless delegated to a specific purpose.
  6. Donations to Region unless delegated to a specific purpose.


B.  Expenses to be paid from this fund shall include:

  1. Administrative costs: USPC Corporate Membership fees for Administrative and Regional Officers; background check fees; transportation, a standard (IRS) mileage allowance for conducting Regional business, as funds allow; postage; telephone; facsimile; copying; and shipping expenses incurred by the RS and VRS to communicate with member Clubs, Centers and USPC National Office and to carry out the business of the Region.
  2. Cost to Region of Upper Level Certifications.
  3. Educational and prep clinics.
  4. Expenses incurred by other Regional Officers on Regional business when authorized by the RS.
  5. Other expenses deemed appropriate and necessary to carry out the business of the Region. All expenses incurred on behalf of the Region, and requested to be reimbursed, must be approved in advance by the RS and supported by receipts.


Reserve Fund


This part of the General Fund shall be held in reserve to support any other expense category where expenses exceed the budget but the RS deems it necessary to continue the activity even though over budget.


USPC Championship Fund


A.  Income to this fund shall be generated by, but not limited to, the following:

  1. A portion of each Regional Membership Fee as determined annually.
  2. Fundraisers as allocated to this special fund.
  3. Donations as allocated to this special fund.


B.  Team entry fees shall be paid entirely if funds are available in the Championships Fund.




No refunds of dues or fees paid are given unless extenuating circumstances exist or the RS has been asked for prior approval and sufficient funds exist.




The Region will plan the following clinics as described in addition to other educational activities for the year as deemed appropriate.


  • · At least one upper level prep clinic will be offered to prepare candidates for certifications of HB and above, if there are members seeking a National Level Certification.
  • · A Standards & Certifications Clinic will be held annually (Policy 3015A) to keep current with USPC standards. Pony Club instructors, examiners, DCs, sponsors, Pony Clubbers and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend this clinic to familiarize themselves with the current standards.
  • · A Horse Management Judges (HMJ) Seminar will be held annually (Policy 3016A) to keep current with USPC standards. These seminars are to aid participants in the Region’s HMJ Program, and to develop an apprentice program.




Testing for Upper Level certification will be requested of USPC as needed.


Regional Testing Fees for these Upper Level certifications will be determined during the annual budget process.




The Region supports sending qualified members to Championships. Pony Club Members within the Region who meet the age and certification requirements for the discipline in which they intend to compete, who qualify at a Regional rally or equivalent in that discipline and who are Members in Good Standing, are eligible to compete at USPC Championships. All eligible members are invited to qualify for these Regional teams. At the discretion of the Regional Supervisor, in consultation with the Regional Board and as funds permit the Region will help to support Championships participants annually through the Championship Fund and Donations. In addition the Region may plan Championship Fundraisers.




In situations with special circumstances, the Regional Supervisor may authorize deviations to or waivers of Regional policy, if such deviation or waiver does not conflict with the By-laws. The Regional Board shall be notified when and if such deviations or waivers occur.



Policies shall be reviewed at least every 3 years. Any member of the Regional Council may propose a policy amendment at any time, if such proposed amendment does not conflict with National Policy or By-Laws. Amendments shall become effective when adopted by the vote of the Regional Council and approved by the VPRA.


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