Welcome Dancing Hoof Beats to our Pony Club Family

Posted on Feb 3, 2015

> Congratulations to our newest Pony Club, Dancing Hoofbeats, on holding 
> their very first Certification, and to their newly certified members!!!!

> The weather was sunny and cool on Saturday, January 31 in the land of sun, 
> sand, and surfing, otherwise known as Brevard County Florida for the 
> Sunshine Region’s newest club’s first certification held at the lovely Brevard 
> Equestrian Center in Grant, Florida. 

> Examiners Noel B. (P.I.P.), Jenna B., Mdison O., and Taisey A. did a 
> beautiful job scheduling and conducting the multiple level, multiple discipline 
> testing. You related well to the candidates and provided a thorough and fair 
> testing. Thank you, ladies!

> Congratulations to the following members on their new certification levels:
> D1s: Nicholas H., Skyy F., A.J. B., Miranda H., Angelika M., Falynn W., 
> Jennifer L., Chelsea K., Jaden A., Giavanna W., Chloe J., and Keira J.

> and to Jennifer L., D2 HM & D2 Flat, Miranda H., D2 HM & D2 Flat, Angelika 
> M., D2 HM & D2 Flat and to Falynn W., D2 HM, D2 Trad., & D2 Dressage!

> Thank you to Organizer/DC Alyssa Hickson and to Lisa Smit for their hard 
> work and hospitality!

> Thanks to RS Deb Brown and HMO Tracy Olesh and Dawn Anderson for 
> providing strong Regional support for the day!

> Bunny Hendricks
> RIC Sunshine Region