Regional Service Hours Required for National Testing–ATTENTION C1’s and Up

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Greetings C1 & Up Members!

This is a friendly reminder that if you are taking a National Level
Certification, you must perform a minimum of six hours of Regional Service
before your testing. The service is to be completed in the same calendar
year that you will be certifying.

This is part of being a “Member in good standing” of the Sunshine Region.

Regional Service Hours form: sunregservicehrsformmembers

Six hours can be completed in one day. If your volunteer activity is for less
than 6 hours, you will need to volunteer at another activity to make up the
balance of your minimum of 6 volunteer hours.

There are many ways you can give back to the region, such as volunteering
at D-Day, being a C Advisor at D Rally, helping at Everything But The Horse
(EBTH) Rally, being a demo rider at the S&C (Standards and Certifications)
Clinic, being a “Member Volunteer” at the HM Clinic, and so on, but your
volunteer hours must be done at Regional activities.

Club service (working, teaching or doing certifications for your own club or a
neighboring club) does not count as Regional Service.

Attached is the Regional Service Form. Simply print it, take it with you to the
Regional Activity at which you are volunteering, have the Regional Adult in
Charge enter the number of hours you volunteered & sign it. Then send your
completed form to Deb Brown, RS.

Completing your volunteer hours can be done at any time, but must be
completed and verified by Deb Brown, RS, prior to applying for your National
Level Testing, no less than three months before the testing date. (Two
members have already done this! YAY!)

If you have any questions about your Regional Service, please feel free to
contact me or Deb.

This volunteer component was approved by the Sunshine Regional Council
in October, 2014.

Bunny Hendricks
Sunshine Region RIC