Sunshine Region RIC News For C1 and Up January 2015

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Sunshine Region RIC News For C1 and Up January 2015

Bunny Hendricks RIC


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


Here we are on the dawn of 2015 with lots of exciting activities and learning opportunities in the making for 2015! And 2015 is starting off at a gallop!


The new 2nd Edition of the “USPC Manual of Horsemanship Vol. III” is now available via USPC’s online bookstore or Amazon! It is an amazing volume of a vast scope and range of information rewritten and edited by some of USPC’s best! The veterinary chapters were done by Dr. Stacy Thacker Anderson DVM, PhD, Veterinary Surgeon, Graduate A, USPC National Examiner and the Nutrition chapter was done by Dr. Natalie McGowan, PhD Equine Nutrition, USPC NE. The riding chapters were done by USPC personnel who are recognized judges and noted professionals in their fields. The HM Chapters were done by USPC veterans with years of experience of nation-wide HM judging and teaching. These chapters all came together with the final finish from Internationally known equine author and illustrator Susan E. Harris.


Volume III covers nearly all of the material on the current HB through H/HM-HA Level Horsemanship areas and C3/C+ through A Level riding skills for the Traditional, Dressage, and Show Jumping Tracks. For less than $25, it is a storehouse full of current and credible information! Books of comparable quality and integrity often run in the $75 and up range!


If you are a C1 or Up Certified member, whether or not you are thinking about seeking further certifications, this volume is a rich and valuable resource of horse knowledge that would be an important addition to your personal library.


If you are a DC, this book is a necessary part of your club’s resources, along with volumes I (D Level) and II (C1-C2 Level) of the USPC Manual.


National Level Testing News

Members applying for National Level Certifications must complete at least 6 hours of Regional Service to be a “member in good standing” for this purpose. This can include a variety of ways to help the region, can easily be completed in one day, and can be LOTS of fun!


As of January 1, 2015 C2 Traditional or C2 Flat members applying to take the Dressage C3 Specialty Certification MUST achieve their Club Level C2 Dressage Certification prior to the National Level C3 Dressage Testing.


Mark your calendars!:

February 21– HB Box Day at Deb Brown’s Claddagh Farm, Clermont, FL. Information below and additional info and Clinic Forms to be sent after the holidays.

April 18- HB Prep at Bunny Hendricks’s Hunteridge Farm, Trilby, FL. Information and Clinic Form to be sent soon.

June 6- HB Prep at Bunny Hendricks’s Hunteridge Farm, Trilby, FL. Information and Clinic Form to be sent soon.

October 10-11- Tentative C3, B Traditional Prep for C1 & Up Riding Certified members at Rocking Horse Stables, may have limited HB sessions.  Clinic Information and Clinic Form to be sent in the future. Space permitting, Advanced D3 Riding and Horsemasters members may be invited to participate as well. Even if you are not planning to test in 2015, start your preparations now! Education is an ongoing process!


Sunshine Region will request to hold C3, B, & A Traditional Certifications and request to offer HB Retests only on November 6-8, 2015 at Rocking Horse Stables, Altoona, FL. Note: we will not request a full HB Testing, but offer retests of needed sections to those who qualify for a retest from previous testings. Retesting date and times TBA.


If you are planning on taking any National Level Certifications in 2015, check the National Testing Calendar on USPC’s web site after January 15, 2015 for dates and locations of Testings to be tentatively offered. It is a good idea to select a second choice and third choice of testings if possible. Read all application information carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.