National Testing for 2015

Posted on Nov 23, 2014

Sunshine Region DC and C & Up Letter November, 2014 (2ND mailing)

Bunny Hendricks, RIC

Dear DCs, C & Up Members, and Parents of C & Up Members:

If you have already replied to this letter, (Jane and Jean, Kanyon, Sammy, Emily Z., & Jenna; Dcs of SLPC, FHPC, SCHPC) THANK YOU!

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to look a bit into 2015 as far as plans for upward Certifications and Preparing for success in those endeavors.

Our National Level Testing is scheduled to take place the weekend of November 6-8, 2015 at Rocking Horse Stables, Altoona, Florida. We must send in our request for National Testing to the USPC National Office by January 15 to be placed on the National Testing Calendar.  We will need to have an approximate number of candidates and which Certifications you are planning on taking to be considered to hold a Certification.


Please reply to this email asap to let me know if you are planning on taking any of the National Level Certifications HB; H/HM/HA; or C3, B, A and what Track you are looking to take for the riding tests (Traditional, Dressage, or Show Jumping). Please check the “Chart of Learning” (located on the USPC Web Site under “Resources” then “Forms” under C) to determine if your desired testing is in the correct sequence for your current Certification Level.


Additionally, Trish Morgan, Jr. Council Lead, is planning an exciting C & Up Camp to help you prepare for your next certification, C1-Upper Levels. Camp will be in June and Trish will have more exciting information to come in the following months. Please take advantage of this opportunity to further your equestrian education and use towards prepping for future Certs!


The Region plans to sponsor an Upper Level Prep Clinic tentatively October, 10-11, 2015 to help you with your final preparations for the 2015 Upper Level Testing and if you are thinking about testing in 2016. Upper Level Preps are not just for those testing in the current year! It is proven that those who attend Prep Clinics have a significantly better pass rate than those who do not. My motto is “Prep Early, Prep Often!”  J


Please reply no later than December 1.

So remember, let me know if in 2015 you are:

1.)    Planning on Testing at a National Level Certification November 6-8

2.)    What Certification you are planning to take

3.)    If you are planning to attend C & Up Camp in June

4.)    If you are planning to attend Upper Level Prep in October 10-11

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.