Sunshine Region RIC Report 2014

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Sunshine Region RIC Report 2014

Bunny Hendricks

This year the Quarterly RIC Report was created as a help to DCs and Club Instructors to present timely monthly mounted and unmounted lessons to help prepare members for upcoming regional activities (rallies, etc.).  Included were references to the new USPC D and C Level Manuals and some lesson plans. These are not required lessons, but are available as a help if needed. The RIC Quarterly Newsletters are sent to DCs via email and posted on the Sunshine Region web site. They were also shared with the USPC RIC Committee.

In March, the RIC and interim HMO Tracy Olesh organized and presented a weekend HM Clinic and Standards and Certifications Clinic taught by Karen Marcotte, NE and CHMJ at the Turners’ Spot On farm in Sorrento, FL. The weekend proved to be fun and informative (with an exciting thunder storm on Saturday) for those who attended.

Saturday was the HM Clinic which highlighted the new 2014 HM Handbook.

Sunday was the Standards and Certifications (RIC) Clinic which focused on Club Level Certifications and Examiners. It included: discussions of the USPC Standards of Proficiency D1-C2; appropriate Examiner Attire at testings; improving Examiner test sheet comment writing to clearly and accurately explain the rider’s performance which is commensurate with the outcome of that testing block; and watching riders at each level and discussions of why they are appropriate at their certification levels. It was a day full of learning and fellowship. Those who attended for the day were: Cathy Callabro FHPC; Emily Carey BLPC; Rachel Haase Grad HA; Beverly Grisek TPV; Sean Morgan HPC; Trish Morgan HPC; Elizabeth Morgan HPC; Rachel Morgan HPC (also rode as a demo rider); Donna Matherly SFPC; Tammy & Sydney Griffith HPC; Kelli Turner SLPC; Tracy Olesh, SLPC & HMO; Kristin Meyers SLPC (also rode as a demo rider); Deb Brown RS; Noel Brown SLPC; Jenna Brown SLPC; Madison Olesh SLPC (also rode as a demo rider); Laurel All WBPC; Megan All (also rode as a demo rider); Brenda Hagemeister HPC; Mikayla Hagemeister HPC (also rode as a demo rider).

Please remember that it is required that each club send representation to the yearly HM and Standards and Certifications Clinics.

Two beginning resource lists were created which include currently trained Club Level Examiners and Assistant Horse Management Judges. These are located on the Sunshine Region web site and will be updated periodically.

A Regional D3-C2 Testing (Traditional and Dressage) is in the planning stages for December 6 to be organized by Fox Hollow Pony Club and held at Fannin Hill Farm. Please contact Pam Crane if you have candidates and would like to help.