RIC Newsletter Quarter III 2014

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Sunshine Region RIC Newsletter Qtr III 2014

Bunny Hendricks RIC, Sunshine Region

This quarterly newsletter covers suggested lesson topics with references and some plans for the months of July, August, and September, 2014.

JULY is Longeing month!

July’s mounted and unmounted topics are longeing, equipment fit and practicing. Be sure to remind your members to bring their longeing equipment and protective boots or polo wraps for their mounts. The unmounted portion will happen first and then the members will be split into separate groups for the practice (considered to be mounted) portion of the lesson. Appropriate supervision for each group is important.

Unmounted Lesson- Longe Equipment and Fitting It and Longeing Demonstration

Mounted Lesson- Longeing Supervised Practice.

The reference for the day is the USPC  C Manual (Vol. II 2013) Chapter 10 pp. 281-305. This chapter should be read or reread by all members D3 and up and all instruction personnel for the day.

August is Dressage month!

August’s unmounted topic helps you to prepare members for upcoming Dressage Rally by helping them learn their tests. Homework of learning each of the tests for rally at home will be assigned.  It is a prerequisite for September’s mounted meeting when each rider is to practice each of the dressage rides they will ride at Dressage Rally. August’s mounted lesson topic is “Riding Straight” which also addresses skills needed for September’s mounted lesson.

Unmounted Lesson Plan for all levels is attached.

Mounted Lesson- for Ds is available on the USPC Web site at www.ponyclub.org/resource/resmgr/dressage/dr_lesson_mounted_-straight_.pdf

Mounted Lesson- for Cs is available on the USPC Web site at


September is Dressage Rally Prep month!

September’s unmounted topic is to review Dressage Rules for Rallies and to go over Horse Management requirements specific to Dressage Rally or address HM concerns from the previous rally. This means reading over the score sheets (which should have been saved from the previous rally) to learn from any situations which arose then.

September’s mounted lesson is for members to ride their Dressage tests they will be riding at dressage rally. If you have members riding in both small and large arenas, you will have to have one of each set up and an instructor in each to act as “judge” and a parent to scribe (write the comments on test sheets). It would be helpful to give riders ride times for their tests. If you have only tests that will be ridden in a small arena and you have a large number of them to go through, you may want to set up two small arenas and alternate riders from one arena to the other so both “judges” can see all riders.


See you in September with more news and plans for Quarter IV!