Congratulations to Quiz Qualifiers

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

Congratulations to the following Sunshine Region Pony Clubbers who qualified to compete in Quz at Nationals this summer at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Senior D Qualifiers:

Molly K.  of  ORPC

Lauren V.  of SJRPC

Madison S. of ORPC

Kanyon W. of  TPC

Hannah W. of TPC

Megan A. of WBPC


Junior D Qualifiers:

Heather F. of ACPC

Audrey R. of SFPC

Olivia T. of  SFPC

Reesh M. of ORPC

Kali W. of  WBPC

Tatumn E. of SFPC

Natalie T. of SFPC


Great job,  Pony Clubbers!