Countdown to Festival!

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

5 months to Festival!
Activities for Everyone in Clubs and Centers…Keeping Pony Club Fun…Have you thought of this?
Discover at the D Level: Introduce Tetrathlon (running, swimming, shooting and show jumping) without the horse! Instead of the shooting phase, set up a bean bag toss and show members the swimming and running requirements. In Show Jumping, set up standards and have the least experienced riders simply learn the course and steer through the standards. No jumping required! Add a Mounted Game to every lesson. For example, weave the standards at the walk and learn to steer. At the club level, use your imagination to change the rules and make it fun.
Connect at the C level: Do you remember your first rally? “We need WHAT?” Create a Junior Rally Leadership Program by naming an Upper Level mentor, in your club, who has been there and done that. This mentor can help your next rally team by preparing the rally trunk, required equipment and stall cards with the new members. There is no need for the mentor to attend the rally but help with all the planning and exciting build up of what to expect.
Rally at the Regional Level: In Tet and Games, set up repeated practices around the Region for those people wanting to play on a team, even if your club or center does not play. Once a month until Festival would make 5 practices; twice a month would make 10 practices. In Quiz, set up a visit to the local hunt kennels and start your first Quiz prep. Most hunt kennels have a barn so ask if you can do a Mock Barn Phase.
Wayne Quarles, Director of Activities
Katie Graham VP Activitieskhp